Mr & Mrs Coffey: Wedding Invitations by Glad

They say that designing wedding invitations is one of the most painful projects that you can work on as a graphic designer. Having never designed any myself, I can’t really comment, but there does seem to be a generic look about them that always makes me shudder. Script fonts and ‘fancy’ swirls, maybe a butterfly or two…you rarely see a good one. As with most areas of design, clients get easily caught up in what they think a wedding invitation should look like, and thats what they want (and usually what they get).

It’s always refreshing to see something that is unique and well designed, and even more so with wedding invites. These invitations for the wedding of Mr and Mrs Coffey by Glad are just that.

The design is a play on the couples surname. Each invitation is unique, created by stamping a clumsily  made mug of coffee onto each card. As well as the obvious ‘coffee / coffey’, the mark leaves a ring, a representation of their marriage.

It’s also worth mentioning that aside from the great idea, these invites are brilliantly designed by Glad with meticulous attention to typography and layout, making this project just perfect.


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